Joining Hazel Mercantile, is becoming part of a strong force of software professionals, who are driving change in India and making deep inroads into the global IT market.


Hazel Mercantile Limited consists of a dedicated team determined to accomplish its mission of becoming a world-class IT company. The ability of the entire work force, not just the management, to constantly improve both the product and the processes is what distinguishes HML from the competition.


HML emphasizes learning and drives every employee to surpass their capabilities to ‘build, innovate and excel’ in the given job role. Growth is viewed as an unending voyage that challenges fresh frontiers and sets new standards of excellence.


HML’s personnel policies are aimed at furthering the development of the employee as a whole, by providing a stimulating work environment, a variety of challenges, and a host of rewards. The company believes that better human beings make better staff members.


HML also encourages its employees to choose their own career paths within the broad outline of their respective functions; by supporting lateral movements across business units, keeping in view the needs of the business.


Ultimately, HML strongly believes that its success resides in the exceptional quality of people and their extraordinary efforts. For this reason, HML is committed to hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best in the industry.

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