Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is using your company name as a mark in all communication towards stakeholders. This as opposed to product branding where only products are being promoted to consumers.


Due to an ever-converging market, products and services are no longer protected against imitation, being unique is no longer a competitive advantage. As soon as a new product is launched, a competitor puts a similar and cheaper product on the market. A corporate identity is not so easy to copy. Even, B2B clients buy subjectively, emotional factors being often the deciding factors of a purchase. When the buyer has 3 choices of equal value left, emotion takes over and the company image will then be the decisive factor.


We work with you to undertake intensive discussions to create brand strategy from the bottom up – to craft vision, mission, values, culture and personality and the outward brand appeal.

We undertake the entire portfolio of Corporate Branding, including:

  • Corporate Identity Creation, including Logo, Tagline
  • Corporate Collaterals, Slideshows & Video Presentation
  • Brand Name Development
  • Marketing Communication – Planning & Execution
  • Website Redevelopment & Revamp
  • Print Advertising Creatives
  • Catalogue Design & Creatives