Data Digitization and Archiving

We are experts in cutting edge digitization technologies and deploy solutions that adapt to a multitude of requirements. We scan and produces accurate, digital archives from a variety of original materials. Our services are all-inclusive, relieving our clients of the burden of seeking out multiple vendors in hopes of attaining a balanced solution. Our scanners are available with curved, cut-sheet and flat-bed scanning technologies, along with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) devices. We also provide prior preparation of the documents (removing staples, paper clips, tape).


Ours is a cost effective solution for your company’s data digitization and archiving needs. We can easily handle all scenarios based on your requirements to improve your work flow, including:


Bound Documents

Library books, corporate records, historic collections, or any other type of bound content.


Large Format Items

Newspapers, maps, posters, plat books, fold outs, drawings and other forms of large format materials


Loose Materials

File stacks, documentation, HR records, resumes, personnel files, records or transcripts, invoices, accounts payable items, insurance applications, health care forms, bank records, legal documents, proof of delivery, receipts, index cards, or any other loose materials