eSecretary® is a Correspondence Automation and Management Software that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Office. It helps in managing secretarial and organizational tasks, thus increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity in the office environment.

Contact Management

  • Profiles contacts, assigns multiple categories and lists in multiple ways.
  • Facilitates any type of document attachment with the contact.
  • Assigns unique contact ID for easy referencing.
  • Import contacts from Microsoft® Outlook ignoring duplicates.
  • Exports contacts to Microsoft® Excel.

Letter Automation with Microsoft® Word

  • Builds draft of the letter with recipient’s address and body text using templates.
  • Saves letter documents automatically with unique document number.
  • Automatically attaches information related to contact and template, enabling instant retrieval.

Email Templates for Microsoft® Outlook

  • Enables archiving of important emails for the organization’s records.

Recording Incoming Letters

  • Facilitates storing of scanned documents appropriately.

Correspondence Status Tracking

  • Assigns, tracks status and facilitates remark addition.
  • Retrieves correspondence for a particular status.


  • Retrieves correspondence for a contact instantly.
  • Retrieves correspondence for internal or external reference number.
  • Lists current (today’s) correspondence and documents instantly.
  • Lists correspondence for specific period.
  • Retrieves correspondence based on multiple parameters .

Template Management

  • Profiles templates on the basis of subject matter, category and provides description.
  • Assigns a unique template ID for quick reference.
  • Enables quick creation of templates from documents.
  • Prompts for selection of a template while creating a document .
  • Prints list of templates for easy referencing.
  • Facilitates activation/deactivation of templates depending on day to day needs .
  • Imports and exports templates for sharing with different offices/branches.

Group Communication Management

  • Simplifies mail merge and email merge with Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Creates groups of contacts for mail merges/email merges and call outs.
  • Prompts user to choose a template for mail merge and email merge.
  • Builds record of each mail merge/email merge /call out for re-use and reference.
  • Prints labels and envelops for the mail merge activity.

Greeting Management

  • Keeps record of special dates i.e. birthdays, spouse’s birthday, anniversary dates etc.
  • Reminds about greetings due for the day, for the current week, current month, etc.
  • Automates the process of generating greeting letters.
  • Simplifies mail merge and email merge to build greeting letters and emails.
  • Prints labels and envelops for greeting letters.

Labels & Envelop Printing

  • Prints mailing labels in predefined size and desired quantity for the selected contacts.
  • Prints mailing labels of custom size with Microsoft® Word.
  • Prints labels/envelops for the correspondence of the day at one go.

Email Productivity with Microsoft® Outlook

Do these questions sound familiar in your office environment?

  • Where do you save emails to create records for the organization?
  • How do you store emails with other documents of the organization?
  • How do you retrieve an important email received years back?
  • How do you provide your email access to colleagues when you’re not around?


Knowledge workers get stuck when Microsoft® Outlook rules do not help much in dealing with email issues. eSecretary® plug in for Microsoft® Outlook, provide simple solutions for email archiving and creating records of organizational importance.


These solutions not only help in archival of important emails with other office documents but also provide innovative solutions for email template management that makes creating and replying standard emails faster. The following list highlights some pain points and solutions there-of.

  • Plug-in sits into Microsoft® Outlook and work well with the respective software.
  • Archives important emails with options either to move or copy.
  • Creates centralized repository of emails with other documents.
  • Contact centric communication including emails are at one place.
  • Captures templates from existing emails with/ without attachments.
  • Simplifies drafting and replying emails by using email templates with/without attachments.
  • Creates Excel sheets to print email records.