KDOC® is an innovative software that enhances and extends Microsoft® Office. It sports vital features like Smart file Management, Record Management, Knowledge Management and Continuity Management.

KDOC® automatically organizes documents by classifying them logically as working, inactive and historical, thus making their retrieval or their use to create new documents faster and easier, independent of the original creator.

It enables sharing of the knowledge documents amongst colleagues, yet protecting the confidentiality of documents by providing defined access. KDOC® negates any chance of overwriting, tampering, duplication or waste of effort in creating already existing documents.

Smart file Management

  • Uniform file Naming System
  • Document Profiling System for Faster Retrieval
  • Multiple Dates
  • User Defined Queries

Record Management

  • Unique Number Allocation
  • Intelligent Classification
  • Central Repository
  • Reports

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge Document Management
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Inter Office / Branch Sharing of Documents

Continuity Management

  • Back up
  • Security
  • Import Documents from Folders/Subfolders
  • Export Documents to Folders/Subfolders