Sky Export Plus®

Sky Export Plus® is the most comprehensive window based export documentation software solution suite that functionally covers documentation, management of business intelligence reports and license management. It helps you march forward with confidence in the competitive export industry since it helps in an almost error free documentation and management of export transactions. It provides you with all the tools that assist in executing a perfect export order.

Sky Export Plus® systemizes the management of licenses and documents, catering to every minutest of detail involved in the procedures of export. It takes care of online applications, license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices and prints various documents such as Invoice, Packing list, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate, Bills of Exchange and so on in standard formats.

Sky Export Plus® gives every export that competitive edge. It minimizes the sales cycle, saves time in customs documentation, maximizes the utilization of exports incentives and licenses, increases sales through strategic sales analysis tools, accelerates the process of reporting leading to corrective decisions and enables one to avoid penalties using system generated Pre-Alerts. Our perfected software solution also helps in keeping in line with the statutory requirement to government bodies and banking sectors.


  • Manages Export from Inquiry Received to Payment Realized
  • Provides data entry screens that look similar to the actual documents
  • Provides user defined Reports
  • Provides user defined Packing List
  • State of the art and user friendly interface format
  • Facility of e-mailing and faxing of documents
  • Creates item master with images of the item
  • Creates user defined letters
  • Enables export of data to Tally Accounting Software
  • Provides checklist of documents required
  • DEPB / DFRC / DEEC / DRBK License and Incentive management under one roof