Testimonials - Telecheck


Bates India Pvt. Ltd
We can vouch for the benefit of this application to any organization looking for similar result.

In today's world no business can run without using the telephone facility. At BATES INDIA PVT LTD also we are heavily dependent on telephone. With the number of calls going high as time is going by and business is expanding we really needed a software that would monitor and track calls that take place in our company, both outgoing and incoming. This would in turn enable us to go for the right service provider and tariff plan. After having thought of and explored several options we came across a call monitoring software, TeleCheck, which does this and more for us. This software monitors the call load on each extension and outside line.
We are thoroughly satisfied with TeleCheck and would suggest that other organizations also go for it. The benefits are visible easily and I can vouch for it that once you have experienced the benefits of TeleCheck you will never want to stop using the services.