Testimonials - Telecheck


Centaurus Financial Services Pvt. Ltd
This Software is also flexible and doesn't require a dedicated PC.

Before we actually purchased and installed TeleCheck, honestly we were not too sure of how much of a benefit it would be for us at Centaurus Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.. We were aware of its features, but actually see it work practically is truly an amazing feeling. This computerized call billing software actually keeps a track of excessive telephone use and thus controlling telephone misuse. It also helps in long distance call verification. We are able to effectively choose our tariff and service provider, since TeleCheck also tells us on which lines there is maximum traffic.

This software is simple and easy to use, giving us reliable data. It is also flexible and doesn't require a dedicated PC. With benefits galore, we can only thank the team at TeleCheck for coming up with something so wonderful and useful.